World's First Floating City Coming to Life

World's First Floating City Coming to Life

French Polynesia Reveal Plans to Develop the World’s First Floating City

The French Polynesia recently signed a memorandum of understanding with California’s Seasteading Institute in San Francisco, which is aimed at building the world’s first autonomous floating city.  Despite the luxurious thought of living on a floating island starts to surface in your head, remember that this is a potential solution to fight climate change.

The Seasteading Institute

“Apart from experimenting with innovations in governance, [Executive Director] Hencken is also excited about the potential for seasteading to serve as a platform for developing tools to help with climate change adaptation as well.

Low-lying islands in the Pacific, like Kiribati and parts of French Polynesia, face the imminent threat of disappearing because of sea level rise. Hencken believes that seasteading offers one practical solution for these places to create new, resilient territory on which to continue to exist … Hencken looks forward to working with French Polynesia’s youth in building new ocean tech that can benefit the island nation and subsequently be spun out to places in need of new land. He said that once they’ve built a successful pilot, he can imagine deploying similar seasteads to places like Miami and Bangladesh.”

Fighting the Rising Sea Level

With the ocean levels continuing to rise, the French Polynesia could lose up to two-thirds of its land to the sea.  The local government has decided it’s time to explore the floating city idea.  As of  January, the French Polynesian government signed an agreement with a San Francisco design firm to develop the world’s first floating city in the South Pacific, with construction to start in 2019 (Science Alert).   Although things are in the early development phases, this could be a game changer in the fight against climate change.

To stay up to date with this floating city, check out the Seasteading Institute’s page for future releases.