Tips to Staying Productive

Tips to Staying Productive

Ignore & Conquer

It sounds too obvious, but it’s really the truth.  More often than not, people are unproductive because of all the chatter happening around them.  Office gossip, relationships, odd scenarios and situations that will never have an affect on your life; they’re like a disease.  Most people do not need to be involved in random banter, but s/he loves the excitement of other people and their lives. Ignore the clutter and noise surrounding you to focus on the important things happening to you.  

Improve Each Day

It’s not easy to make these changes, but I promise you that small improvements each day will make you a better, more productive human being.  Focusing more on yourself and less on others will give you more time to accomplish your goals with no excuses.  Along with the extra time, your mind will become clearer than ever.

I find my mind clogged up with worries and issues that will never have an impact on my day-to-day routine.  Ignoring these thoughts from the beginning, allows me to focus more on me and find solutions to becoming more productive in my daily life.

Shut Down, Turn it Up

I mean this both figuratively and literally.  If you shut down the outside clutter (this includes social media) and focus on your own self, everything starts to turn up.  You’ll feel healthier, happier and more likely than not; you’ll feel smarter.  Daily banter causes traffic jams in your head like taxi cabs in Manhattan.  Ignore it all.  Turn up the performance and kick things into gear so you can be as productive as possible in your 24 hours each day.

Schedule Your Ass-Kicking

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to take control of your day.  Set your alarm early to get a head start on the day.  Make yourself a solid breakfast like oatmeal, fruit and/or eggs to get your day rolling with a tall glass of water.


Once you get your day in motion, you’re in the driver seat.

There’s no excuse for “not enough time in the day”.   Everybody has 24 hours in each day and you need to maximize what you can accomplish in that time span.

Plan Ahead

Be conscious of what’s on your plate.  Take the twenty minutes before you go to sleep and plan out tomorrow’s important to-do’s so you can be better prepared to run your day.  Jot down the tasks at hand, the important meetings to attend and the work that you need to get done in the next 24 hours so you can manage your time wisely and be as productive as possible.