3 Steps to Getting Started

3 Steps to Getting Started

The scariest thing about building a business, getting in shape or starting a new routine is getting started.  Taking the first step towards becoming your own business owner or more fit doesn’t have to be so intimidating.  During the baby stages things are frustrating, but once you begin to get more familiar with your business, things will begin to move.

Step 1: Think of What You’re Passionate About

It doesn’t matter what it is, but if you feel passionate about this new idea, move with it.  If you decide you’re ready to start a gym-kick then get your ass to the gym and sign-up.  If you want to start reading a book, then pick a damn good book so you can get hooked quickly.  To see some of my top book choices click here.

If a business is what you want to build, then be prepared to work hard and often.  There is no substitute for hard work during new life changes.  You will suffer; but you will grow.

Step 2: Slice Up The Pie, Stay Moving

There are 24-hours in a day and “not enough time” is not an acceptable answer for new things.  Slice up your day into thirty minute blocks so you can track where you allocate your time most.  A shower should not take 20 minutes and a shit should not take an hour.  Get your day moving quickly and often.

Sitting still during the day will keep you stagnant and stationary.  It’s important for you to take breaks throughout your day so you can take care of yourself. Slice up the pie and stay moving all day; you’ll sleep much better this way.

Step 3: Be Selfish, Say No

There is nothing wrong with becoming focused on yourself.  It’s important when you want to make big changes in your life.  Don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family no, and taking more time for yourself to develop.  Personal time is a great asset that will never be worth a dollar amount.  Time is the most valuable commodity and you have the ability to create this for yourself.  Be selfish, say no to anyone standing in the way of your goals.

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