Make Monday Your Bitch

Make Monday Your Bitch


Kicking Things Off

Waking up and kicking things into gear on a Monday morning can be hard.  You’re still slow-moving from your Saturday night and you’re dragging the cold brisk in the air that’s going to greet you upon your first step out of the front door.

The key is to dive right in and get things rolling quickly.


Don’t overthink the full work week ahead of you – that’s going to kill your confidence from the start. Instead, think about the fresh cup of coffee you can guzzle down when you ignore everyone in the office today.


It’s always a good idea to plan ahead for lunch time and prepare a personal favorite for your Monday lunches. Treating yourself to a better lunch will give you something to look forward to throughout the morning struggle.

Plan for Week Ahead

Monday sucks – it’s no secret.  But what’s great about Monday is that it’s usually everyone else’s worst nightmare.  Opportunity: make Monday your favorite day and have a competitive edge on your competition.  

Don’t agree with me? Digest this for my reasoning.

If Monday is a slow day for the workforce, take this time to plan for the other four days in your work week.  Map out your tasks and weekly goals ahead while you slowly get back into the swing of things back in the office.

Another thing I like to do is create a visual for my week.  Post-it notes have become a dear friend of mine and I love to write down my focuses for the week in a grid on my desk.  This allows me to visually see my plate and what needs to be done immediately versus things on the horizon.

Continue the Process

The hardest thing for me is to maintain this process.  Write out notes, making sure I follow up with the notes, and continue to push out future notes.  It’s a grind and in order to maintain the process, you need to keep your focus.  Don’t slip up and fall down a spiral of unorganized clutter on your desk.


Decide which task to take care of, get started and grind out the work until the task at hand is completed.  Once you confirm things are moving smoothly; toss out that Post-it and move on to the next.  This is a great feeling of accomplishment (even though it’s a 3×3 square inch piece of paper) to finish one thing and keep winning.