Don't Let Them In - Good Vibes Only

Don't Let Them In - Good Vibes Only

Bad Vibes.  They’ll kill your drive.  The vibes that make you think twice about how you’re feeling when you thought you were happy.  The vibes that make you second guess yourself at every move.  Don’t let it happen.

Good People

It’s hard to remain positive – but it is fightable.  To find those Good Vibes, make sure you surround yourself with good people.  Bad people drain you of positive energy and are a virus to your well being.  The group of people who break free of the norm usually get criticized the most.  The critics are afraid of change and they ridicule anyone who turns the other way.  Build your circle around your goals and your vision – don’t let bad people ruin your day.

Good Practice

Keeping up the Good Vibes is a practice.  Stay consistent and get in a physical workout or exercise at some point.  Whether it be lifting weights, going for a run or even a walk after lunch; getting the blood flowing is crucial for your brain.  When you get in a workout, your body releases endorphins and you feel so much better than you did before.  The hardest part about this is taking your first step out the door; but once you get in a rhythm for a few days you will wonder why you never did this before.

Good Policies

Like I said, you will get ridiculed by the bad people when you distance yourself from naysayers.  You’ll have to re-wire your thinking and set a few ground rules or guidelines to help you make decisions.  If you are worried about a decision that you need to make, a good question to ask yourself is, “will this help me get closer to my ultimate goal?” and if the answer is no; your answer is no.  There are tons of reasons to go out of your way to do something your friend wants to do; but you also have to be focused on yourself.  If you don’t think you’ll be glad you made a decision, set yourself with a policy that you’ll say no, regardless of the implications.