Benefits (and Downfalls) of Living in a City

Benefits (and Downfalls) of Living in a City

There’s a lot of hesitation when people think about moving to the city.  The main cause for concern is the cost of living.  Renting an apartment in a booming city like New York City or San Francisco can get expensive for very little space.  There are some positive though.


Hopping on a bus, train or subway might not be the first option in your head.  But for the most part taking a subway or light rail can be cost effective when you don’t have to pay for car insurance, gas and the other expenses a car can run you.  Be prepared to wait though; you cannot control the schedules of these public transportation systems and if there’s a problem – it will cost you time.

Social Living

The great thing about living in a city is that you get to live closer to your friends and local restaurants.  You can come and go as you please, with the social scene buzzing right under your window.  This can be fun, but you also have to remember to be aware of your bank account so you don’t spend your paycheck on your social life before you pay next month’s rent.

Concrete Jungle

Living in the city is a different animal.  Different people, different structures and different experience.  You get to roam the streets late into the night with something to do at any point throughout the day.  Museums, parks, workshops sporting events, night clubs, and Broadway plays – the city life can offer you an active life with a different perspective.


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