3 People to Follow on SnapChat

3 People to Follow on SnapChat

1. Gary Vee (@gary)

Gary Vaynerchuck is an excellent person to follow for entrepreneurial and business advice.  He is black and white, straight to the point without giving a f#%k about your feelings.  His perspective is priceless and I highly suggest you follow him if you are not already.  He is changing the way people think about making money and finding the synergy between passion and work.

2. Justin Kan (@justinkan)

Known for founding Twitch.TV, Justin Kan is a down to earth tech investor with a proven track record that earns him respect around the tech world.  He brings humor along with his daily, humble lifestyle.  He has his "Fitness is the First Step to Greatness" segment which he allows his audience to ask him questions for 20-30 minutes as he rides his stationary fitness bicycle (right next to his Mercedes G Wagon).

His consideration for taking questions has lead him to a new venture called Whale, which launched late in 2016 as a platform that allows members to send video Q&A's to influencers and professionals, sometimes at a cost.

justin kan

3. John Mayer (@johnthekangaroo)

Yes, that John Mayer.  The same John Mayer that sings "Your Body is a Wonderland" and "Love on the Weekend".  John Mayer brings hysterical content to his audience semi-regularly.  Every few days there is a dry period, but when he chooses to dish out content, Mayer keeps the mood light hearted and laughs are easy to come by.